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We Help Families Find at Home Senior Care

If you are looking for additional help for your loved one, you’ve come to the right place! Our goal at Nursing Care Finders is to find the best caregiver for your aging loved one. Now more than ever, seniors are seeking to age in place. In other words, receive care in the comfort of their own home. We will go over the many benefits of at home care for seniors below! 

Why Choose Care at Home?

Receiving care at home is an increasing popular choice for senior care. Many seniors prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. Moving seniors to facilities more often then not causes large amounts of stress. By having the caregivers come to them, they are able to get the treatment they need, in a familiar environment. Scheduling home care is also very flexible to the client/ family needs. Whether you need someone to come for a few hours, or need care 24/7, we will make sure you are getting the care you need. Additionally, home care costs are often cheaper than other senior care costs such as care homes or assisted living facilities. Perhaps the most important part of home care is letting our elderly age with dignity. Seniors often want to remain independent as long as they can. By providing home care services, the family can let the senior age on their terms and have a strong sense of dignity. Now that you know the benefits of At Home Care, we will highlight the difference of Home Health and Home Care below. 

Home Care

Now that you have a good understanding of how at home care could benefit you and your loved one, let’s talk about home CARE and what that entails. Home care encompasses a range of services that aim to help seniors with activities of daily living. This includes but is not limited to bathing, meal preparation, cleaning, dressing, and even just a socialization aspect. The goal of home care is to aid in the safety and comfort of your loved one. What many seniors seem to like about home care is that it is minimally disruptive to their lifestyle, instead of moving their life and significantly changing their daily routine at a facility, they are able to have a lot more autonomy in their own care. In short, home care is geared for individuals who are rather independent and need minimal care at home. The goal of home care is to provide the senior a comfortable and safe environment, while also provided emotional wellbeing to the patient and family! 

Home Health

Contrary to home care, home health providers offer a more comprehensive and advanced services focusing more on the medical needs of the client. Providers of home health have increased medical certifications and in addition to helping with activities of daily living, can help with medical needs such as tube feedings, wound care, IV medications, etc. One main difference between home care and home health is payment structures. Home care is often payed out of pocket by the family. Home health is often covered by insurance. Of course every patient is different and following up with providers and insurance companies is a must. We hope this helped to clarify the differences in types of at home care that is available and that it can help you and your family make a more informed decision! 

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