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Who Are Care Homes For

Care homes primarily cater to two main populations: the elderly and adults with disabilities. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for seniors who require additional support and assistance with daily activities, including those with age-related conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, care homes serve adults with disabilities who need support with daily living tasks, personal care, and/or medical care, such as those with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or chronic health conditions.

Benefits of Care Homes

  • Professional care: Care homes employ trained professionals, such as nurses, caregivers, and therapists, to provide high-quality care to residents.
  • Social interaction: Care homes offer a social environment where residents can interact with others, participate in group activities, and form friendships.
  • Safety and security: With 24-hour supervision, care homes provide a safe and secure environment for residents.
  • Personalized care plans: Care homes create individualized care plans based on each resident’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Access to medical services: Care homes often have medical professionals on staff or work closely with external healthcare providers to ensure residents receive the necessary medical attention.

Cons of Care Homes

  • Cost: Care homes can be expensive, with costs varying depending on the level of care required, location, and additional services.
  • Loss of independence: Moving into a care home may result in a loss of independence for some individuals as they rely on staff for assistance with daily tasks and personal care.
  • Emotional impact: The transition to a care home can be emotionally challenging for both the individual and their family, as they adjust to a new living environment and leave behind familiar surroundings.
  • Limited personal space: Residents in care homes may have limited personal space, as they often share rooms or common areas with other residents.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Care Homes

Care homes provide personal care, assistance with daily activities, and some medical care, while nursing homes offer a higher level of medical care and are staffed by registered nurses.

Consider factors such as location, cost, services offered, staff qualifications, and the overall atmosphere of the facility. Visiting multiple care homes and speaking with staff and residents can help you make an informed decision.

Most care homes allow residents to bring personal items to make their living space feel more comfortable and familiar. However, space may be limited, and certain items may be restricted for safety reasons. Check with the care home for specific guidelines on what items are allowed.


As a general rule of thumb yes! Almost all of our care home operators are happy to have family visit (most even encourage it). Keep in mind visitation policies may vary depending on the care home and local regulations. It is important to contact the care home directly for their specific visitation guidelines.